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Query the ARIN: Whois database
Query the APNIC Whois Database
Query the RIPE Whois Database
.ST Domain Registry -

CVS Repository
EasyNews Network Trace

Nestle SweeTARTS
Holiwill: Weather
Compiler Installation and Upgrade Notes
Virtual Device Driver failed DLL initialization
Scirus - for scientific information

hp 2100

HP 2100 Archives
HP 2100 Simulator Configuration
Hewlett-Packard (HP) 2100 System

Electronic Mail Services

Scott and Deborah's house ACME Mapper @ N 38.002352 W 87.641335, 1 m/p
Nike Missiles
ACM Queue - A Conversation with Mike Deliman - And you think <em>your</em> operating system needs to be reliable.
ERISA Filing Acceptance System Main Page
Self-Compliance Tool for Part 7 of ERISA: HIPAA and Other Health Care-Related Provisions
Jay Maynard's journal
316992 - Windows Media Player multimedia file formats
K-12 @ N 35.986767 W 84.257619, 2 m/p
K-25 @ N 35.936397 W 84.394803, 1 m/p
IBM 3174 Table Top Remotes
Southpoint Directory of California Campgrounds - View Imagery
I/O Redirection
PocketPuTTY :: Index
Sphere's Nixie Tube Page - Nixie Tubes for Sale! Nixies from all over the world!
Anti-Spyware Test (Guide)
Jim's Home Page
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts- Popup Window Generator
Henk's DIGITAL computer room
What's New in the Sun3 Zoo
Sun-3 Handbook - Home Page
Ohio Scientific Model 600 Computer
UK101 and 6502 Links
Kernel debugging
Computer Laboratory - Xen virtual machine monitor

Easy Urpmi
Virtual AGC Home Page
Side One Dummy Store: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Vintage Electronics Sales, Repair, Parts for Marantz, Pioneer, Teac, Etc.
The Air Man
Index of /example/
Ballads from Deep Gap, NC, and Okemah, OK: Doc & Merle Watson, Woody Guthrie
Southpoint Directory of California Campgrounds
pinpointa - Page: 1 of 1
Southpoint Directory of California Campgrounds
Pocket PC 2002 Service Pack 2 (EUU2) FAQ
Rick's photos
Pocket GPS World
Sims & Hankow Autograph Shows
Conway's Game of Life
Southern California Rocket Association NAR Section 430
Kallahar's Place
Irvine Underground Discussion :: View topic - IVU Rocket Team
Irvine Underground November 2003 Meeting Minutes Events
Video Rocketry

The Midway Phantom 

MOXA--Total Solution for Industrial Device Networking
Sena - Resellers, Channel Partners, VAR, device server, console server, serial-ethernet, embedded internet
Altair32 Emulator Project main page
Interview with RC
Gasket for Motorola VT-71 Television
Motorola Model VT-73 (VT-71) "Golden View" Television (1948)
JSI Tip 4981. How do I read a Windows 2000 or Windows XP Mini-Dump?
Olive-Drab Military Information Resource
Ain't It Cool News - View Article
Building a Balancing Scooter Music Download - Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon


Distributary Secure Internet Digital File Sharing Courier
DataWizard - FtpXQ FTP Server - FTP Server Software Daemon Automated File Transfer Download Upload NAT Search Winsock TCP/IP Socket Connection Firewall Telnet Proxy Web HTTP
Pi-Soft Consulting - SpoonFTP
South River Technologies - WebDAV, FTP and Internet File Management Software
South River Technologies - WebDAV, FTP and Internet File Management Software

NASA surplus personal property sales

RV America's RV Owner's Review Service
MapQuest: Maps: map
TerraServer V5.0 Homepage
AVS Forum
Index of /FEDERAL
Jackson County Missouri Newspaper Abstracts


periodic table


small hardware

Z-World is the leading producer of embedded single board computers - hardware


Bill Gatliff's Website -embedded linux :: Your Source For Reviews, HOWTOs, Guides & Gear
man page(4) manual page
Linux Terminal Server Project
Linux Links - The Linux Portal
lwIP - A Lightweight TCP/IP Stack - Introduction
Red Hat eCos
Installing Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 For S/390
Welcome to ttylinux!
Coyote Linux
Linux NFS faq
Linux Router Project
Real-Time Systems Inc.
OSRC: The Operating System Resource Center
Embedded Debian GCC


BitKeeper - The Scalable Distributed Software Configuration Management System
BigAdmin - ShellMe
The Big Brother FTP Archive Index
Big Brother System and Network Monitor - Welcome
Write Your Own Operating System
Mail Options Home Page
FREESCO - free replacement for commercial routers
Completely FREE Software - Windows & DOS Freeware
BSP Beratung, Schulung, Projekte GmbH - New User Documentation Effort
American Arium Emulators
ZoechlingNet - NewsGateway
JPEG image 1024x768 pixels

CVS--Concurrent Versions System - Table of Contents
Willows Software TWIN API
Mariposa Home of the CDR Guide
The Vaults of Parnassus: Python Resources
Whereis Online
TechTV | The Screen Savers > Netcam Network
99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
seagate backup s/w unix agent
inside-ksc site
Virtual Rooms Videoconferencing System (VRVS)
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Wooden Spoons (The Biscuit Bullet)
FindLaw Legal News
SK UTC Clock System
vhdl card class
Olivetti Programma 101
The Open Watcom Project
ibm mainframe chart
Calculator Museum
Carl Friend's Computer Collection
Melinda Varian's Home Page

personal stuff

Profiles in History eBay Store
Crypto Machine Menu Page
A Pictorial History of Nikon Cameras
Forrest J Ackerman's Wide Webbed World
FamilySearch Internet - Search


LARTware - Compiler tools | GNUPro Developer Tools
Accelent's PXA250 based IDPs
CSB226 Specifications
IntelĀ® PCA Applications Processors: Development Tools and Boards - the embedded Linux portal: Home > View
Intel sounds alert on Pentium IV systems
Ruby Home Page
ARM Linux - Developer - Machines
IA-64 Linux Developer's Kit
If at first you dont succeed....destroy all evidence that you tried!
GnuWin32 links
The CHATBOX is a monthly publication of the
Shots Across the Bow

KernelDriver - Develop Kernel Mode Drivers on Windows and Linux
How to Install and configure the Unix agent for Redhat Linux 7.0 and 7.1.
ARM Linux
ARM Ltd Homepage
ARM Support from Agilent Technologies

DEC Manuals of the The DFWCUG Historical CPU Preservation Society
Ain't It Cool News
eBay item 3501975717 (Ends Feb-28-03 12:15:00 PST ) - RARE 1931 Los Angeles CITY PLAN /HIGHWAY MAPS
JPEG image 576x443 pixels
Video Terminal and Terminal-Emulator Information
EarthCam MetroCams

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TV Guide Entertainment Network
Universal Studios Online

The Don Imus Guest List 
Schematics - Page 5
actual running program