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Sabatino's Italian             ICBM N 33.612712 W 117.926425    Google Map   251 Shipyard Way , Newport Beach 92663-4437  949-723-0645
Snead's Bar-BQ             ICBM N 38.817312 W 94.58485        Google Map   171st & Holmes, KCMO (816/331-9858)
Jack Stack Martin City   ICBM N 38.882744 W 94.586266      Google Map   135th & Holmes (Martin City), KCMO (816/942-9141)

2337 Manchester #237 ICBM 33.7928 -117.8928 33.7926 N, 117.8925 W (Topo) View Map to Trailer
Click here to see an aerial photo of 2337 Manchester
2337 Manchester #237 topo
#95   ms virtual earth

625 W Katella #28 ICBM 33.8091 -117.8595 (mapquest) 33.7926 N, 117.8925 W (Topo) View Map to Office photo    ms virtual earth
Click here to see an aerial photo of 5052 Dutcher
Yahoo 5052
5052 topo
5052 Dutcher ICBM 33.6902041N -117.778094W (Yahoo) 37.27846N -11427994E (Topo)
5052 mapquest map

6309 topo
6309 aerial photo 
6309 EPA Map   map  photo/map 
Grandview High resolution Map (image)   This image is 7500 x 7500 pixel jpg of map.
                      It probably will have to be downloaded and viewed to be useful.

12733 Oakland         ICBM N 38.892578 W 94.505918   Google    Birdseye
1801 Guinotte         ICBM N 39.116327 W 94.559659   acme      birdseye
5510 E 103rd          ICBM N 38.938875 W 94.526582             birdseye


KTTV 69 studio        ICBM  N 32.597110 W 117.090236 ACME Photo  Photo2   Google link Google earth photo    ms virtual earth
Gil's                 ICBM  N 39.182424 W 94.487132  ACME Photo  Photo2
Larry's               ICBM  N 38.91870  W 94.110350  ACME Photo  
Ed's                  ICBM  N 38.980052 W 94.582597  ACME Photo  Photo2   Photo-bw              ms virtual earth  birdseye
Mill spring Ct        ICBM  N 38.761848 W 90.573364                                             ms virtual earth
Rick's house          ICBM  N 38.447731 W 90.454514  ACME Photo  Photo2  google earth photo     ms virtual earth  Nasa worldwind oblique
Eric  Gerry           ICBM  N 38.413497 W 90.410143  ACME Photo  Photo2  google earth photo     ms virtual earth
Bart                  ICBM  N 33.956141 W 118.44689  ACME Photo  Photo2  Google  (ICBM N 33.956219  W 118.446865)
Larry Mills           ICBM  N 38.918456 W 94.105700  ACME Photo  Photo2  Google
Powell Observatory    ICBM  N 38.646363 W 94.699888  ACME Photo  Photo2          web page
DSS                   ICBM  N 38.215949 W 94.556148  ACME Photo  Acme2   acme
Old ASKC Obs          ICBM  N 38.991779 W 94.519283              bing
Richardson El.        ICBM  N 41.881239 W 88.40225   ACME Photo
Beacon Ave            ICBM  N 38.692214 W 90.255911                                               ms virtual earth
Red Coat              ICBM  N 38.712077 W 90.457178                                               ms virtual earth
St Charles Airport    ICBM  N 38.846064 W 90.496968                                               ms virtual earth
1013 Bosse            ICBM  N 37.965554 W 87.626033  ACME Photo  bing    Photo2  Google
florida spot          ICBM  N 29.269818 W 82.120236  ACME Photo          Google
John's bldg           ICBM  N 35.115045 W 82.150749  ACME Photo  bing    105 N. Main, Campobello, SC  possible bldg
Boeing Surplus        ICBM  N 47.415920 W 122.228997             bing Kent Wa.
Intel, Dupont         ICBM  N 47.11220  W 122.632620 Acme
Alumax, Goose Crk     ICBM  N 33.05197  W 80.05375   Acme
Arecib                ICBM  N 37.0625   W 95.677068                      google
JPL                   ICBM  N 34.199838 W118.174119  bing        local
15416 White           ICBM  N 38.84449  W 94.52080   birdseye    local
Fred                  ICBM  N 38.931345 W 94.595804  birdseye
603 Olive, Rolla      ICBM  N 37.948411 W 91.768756  streetview1 streetview2
233 general gardner   ICBM 
rosie                                                            bing
shirley                                                          bing
dee                                                              bing

Windows Live
Doubletree DC         ICBM    live   live local

Fort Osage                 ICBM  N 39.187581  W 94.19228  Google   ACME

La Area

Arium                        ICBM   N 33.710357 W 117.80425  ACME Photo  Photo2                                       ms virtual earth
Norco                        photo

Santa Fe 3751           ICBM   N 34.019208 W 118.225636        Google

Southeast Missouri


ICBM                     DD:MM:SS = N 37:3:48.3444 W 90:9:29.934 
ICBM                     DD:decimal  = N 37.063429    W 90.158315
google map link
ms virtual earth
farm topo
yahoo maps
farm views:  houses marked, compass rose, in lower left corner
from south towards north
from north, towards south
from west towards east
from east towards west
Farm Flyaround version 2

Here are two views of the farm, showing the Stephens Cemetary, where Grandpa,
Grandma, Uncle Fred, and Aunt Luella are buried, among others.

N/S alligned                               picture
birds eye view SW to NE view   picture


Links based on Doyle Sharp's trip
Lowndes Church
ICBM                    DD:MM:SS=37 deg 08 min 56.80 sec N Lat
                                                   90 deg 15 min 53.19 sec W Long
ICBM                    DD:decimal=N 37.149085  W 90.264806
Acme link     Acme photo

Lowndes Farm (Grandpa Bell's house)
ICBM                    DD:MM:SS=37 deg 09 min 54.02 sec N Lat
                                                   90 deg 13 min 47.60 sec W Long
ICBM                    DD:decimal=N 37.164989  W 90.229902
Acme link     Acme photo

Various Views around Lowndes

Grandpa Bell's house, extreme closeup.  Here is Photograph from ground level by Doyle
Lowndes area birds eye.  This is a view with the eye just north of central lowndes, and has farmhouse in upper left.
General view of Wayne county with markers for Lowndes, Grandpa Bell's house, and the farm.
Lowndes general area.  Higher detail, color with both house and church

Crisney farm                 ICBM N 37.98867  W 87.065812  Acme photo  Acme topo

kmz for farm                 shirley.kmz  (requires google earth)

google palomar mountain

Military Missle Web Ring, Nike Nike Site SF-88 Virtual Tour
Atomic Bomb General Store

interesting spot1    Google Equivalent
interesting spot 2   Google equivalent

various items visible on aerial photos

Johnson Space Center     Saturn 5   ICBM  N 29.552663  W 95.09479    Google   photo
Redstone Arsenal         Saturn 5   ICBM  N 34.710008  W 86.654842   Google   photo  
   Redstone features a real Saturn on it's side, a fake one, standing, and an addional Apollo / LEM set.
Kennedy Space Center     Saturn 1   ICBM N 28.523796   W 80.683596   Google   photo
Kennedy Space Center     Saturn 5   ICBM N 28.605344   W 80.669646   Google   photo  acme
Michoud Operations, LA   Saturn 5   ICBM N 30.023801   W 89.920276   acme
                                    S-1C-15 first stage  would have 
                                    been used in Skylab 2. Also
                                    contains original F-1's for
                                    Apollo 15 and 16.  photo from
                                    post hurricane site

KSC Layout photo / map  

USS Hornet,    CV-12 Alameda        ICBM N 37.771682  W 122.30272           photo  Acme          Google         Google Earth
USS Iowa       BB-61 Bencia         ICBM N 38.068389  W 122.10039    bing   photo  Acme (no bb)  Google link
USS New Jersey BB-62 Philadelphia   ICBM N 39.893503  W 75.187655    bing   photo  Acme          Google link
USS Missouri   BB-63 Pearl Harbor   ICBM N 21.362379  W 157.95347    bing   photo  Acme Topo
USS Wisconsin  BB-64 Norfolk        ICBM N 36.848173  W 76.295432    bing   photo  Acme (no bb)  Google Link    website
USS Arizona    BB-39                ICBM N 21.365005  W 157.94998    bing   photo  Acme Topo     website
USS Utah       BB-31                ICBM N 21.368904  W 157.96253           photo  Acme Topo
USS Ling                            ICBM N 40.880162  W 74.039502           photo  Acme          website  wiki
USS Albacore   Portsmouth           ICBM N 43.082297  W 70.767007           photo  website
USS Nautilus   New London           ICBM N 41.386966  W 72.088324           photo  website       wikipedia - new london
RMS Queen Mary Long Beach Ca        ICBM N 33.75266   W 118.18817           photo  Acme          Google link   website
USS Midway     San Diego, Ca        ICBM N 32.713986  W 117.175136          photo                windows live
USS Midway     Bremerton Wa         ICBM N 47.55252   W 122.65431           photo  Acme
USS Pueblo     Pyongyang N. Korea   ICBM N 37.0625    W  95.677068                               Google link

NAS Richmond, Florida  remains of blimp hanger destroyed 15 Sep 45  article  ICBM  N 25.617595 W 80.401415  Google maps
  note column is 90' high, and is south support structure for the east doors of the 1000' long hanger.  There were three originally, all
  destroyed in a hurricane, along with significant aircraft from the remainder of Florida Naval installations.  here is google earth kmz pointer

DC9 on approach in google maps (over St. Charles)   Here is DC9 from Globe explorer website from
22 mar 2002 imagery, showing it is AA DC9  snapshot of same aircraft from MS Virtual Earth   link to imagery
ICBM N 38.778951 W 90.49919

C5 + KC-135 midair  Acme Mapper

Site O-2                  Warrensburg, Mo              ICBM   N 38.883882  W 93.546721        photo   Acme

Peterson Ranch                                                 ICBM   N 33.6506      W 106.4603          Acme
Trinity Crater                                                    ICBM   N 33.677162   W 106.475665     Acme    travel info

Air Tracking
Passur                 link McCarren, LAS   site list
Track flights in flytecomm
Track flights in flightaware
Tracking by airport  flightaware    MCI  SNA  LAX  STL  EVV
Tracking by aircraft type  flightaware
Tracking airports + google earth fboweb

Track satellites     link  www.n2yo.com

sample departure track on mapper.acme.com of Delta SAN-ATL trip by Shirley

Myth busters spots

Machinery and Equipment, Co.            3401 Bayshore Blvd      Brisbane, Ca         ICBM  N 37.689047 W 122.40066   Map     Photo
Faeth Aircraft.                                      5954 Bradshaw Road   Sacramento, ca     ICBM   N 38.518421 W 121.33630  Map     Photo


Dave Rose         ICBM  S 37.989200  E 145.27250                    Acme   photo

mapper service   (address required)    services.land.vic.gov.au

Great Britain

Large Roundabout in Hemel Hampstead     Google Map    ICBM  N 51.746277  W 0.473316
Havant Langsdon, Xyratex                         Google Map    ICBM N 50.84732     W 0.98947     Multimap  photo
Havant  Hotel, Hayling Island                     Google Map    ICBM  N 50.83213    W 0.97147     Streetmap.co.uk
Abbey Road Studios                                   Google Map   Multimap    Streetmap    Webcam  Local.Live birdseye
  ** thanks to Billy Pettit for correcting location and to Abbey Road Live show updates for verification **
Jodrell Bank                     ICBM  N 53.236519 N 2.308674     Google Map    Multimap  Steetmap  postal code SK11 9DL  web site


Google Earth clone         http://www.geoportail.fr  
    <currently saturated by new users (6/22/06)>


all city (Tutto Citta) web site (italian)      link
Ospitalitalia                                           link
Ivrea           ICBM  N 45.46520    E 7.88155               hotel la serra
Ivrea           ICBM  N 45.482365  E 7.878625             hotel lago sirio
Pisa             ICBM  N 43.72299    E 10.39626             leaning tower
  view up Aosta Valley over Lago Sirio

Google links

Arnold Mo, Lupine Drive  http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=38.413525,-90.410732&spn=0.007446,0.007693&t=k&hl=en

2300 S lewis                    http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=33.792357,-117.894137&spn=0.007993,0.007821&t=k&hl=en

6309 e 148 terr                http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=38.856282,-94.521947&spn=0.007993,0.007821&t=k&hl=en

12733 Oakland                http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=38.892578,-94.505918&spn=0.007993,0.007821&t=k&hl=en

Arium                               http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=33.710711,-117.804347&spn=0.007993,0.007821&t=k&hl=en


Pic du Midi                       quicktime vr view of observatory     other links   conference link   webcams

live cameras
new york city transit
google webcam locator

solar house pad   Google Maps    Camera1 (opentopiaCamera2 (opentopia)  Campus Map

map sites
rand mcnally
ersi (like google earth)
fast food
ancient observatories from space  Space Imaging

http://quake.geo.berkeley.edu/convert.html  online conversion
USGS maps

Degree conversion decimal to dd:mm:ss

This utility will allow you to convert from decimal degrees to a degrees:minutes:seconds representation and back. It also handles degrees and decimal minutes.
Please enter in the format of DD:MM:SS or DD:MM.MMM for degree conversion. For example, 36:24:36. If any of the degree, minute, or second unit is 0, please enter 0 as well. For example: 36:00:36.